Serving the Oak Park, IL area since 1991
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We work collaboratively and successfully with architects, engineers, and other building professionals.  Dan appreciates the vital importance of good design and engineering, knows how to read plans, and will be glad to work with whomever you may choose for these services.


Living through construction fascinates some folks and repels others.  If you anticipate a long project in or around your home, you may want to think about its daily impact on you and your family.

Dust can be a problem.  We care about our crew and provide appropriate dust masks when needed.  We do our best to clean up your living space as we go along and at the end of each day, but please remember to let us know if you need a super-clean option, so we can bid accordinly.  We will be glad to learn and comply with your preferences.


Keeping within your budget is very important.  Whenever possible, we will let you know where you can save money.

Some items are worth paying more for if they have extraordinary quality, reliability, or longevity.  But do you know that items from well-known manufacturers can sometimes be replaced with less expensive ones with no difference in quality? We often recommend materials that cost less but are as good as the ones that cost more due to high advertising costs.


Eco-Friendly Vintage Buildings

An existing building has "embodied energy" that includes the value of all the previous materials and work that went into it.  Preserving it usually has less impact on the environment than tearing it down and building anew.  So vintage buildings, particularly those having solid foundations and structural integrity, are inherently sustainable in terms of "green" building concepts.  In other words, it is generally eco-friendly to preserve and enhance what has already been built!


Construction Services

  • interior & exterior trim carpentry
  • tile and masonry
  • concrete flat work
  • painting, plastering, drywall
  • electrical, plumbing
  • window restoration
  • gutters & roof repair

Planning Services

  • general contracting
  • creation of working drawings
  • facilitation of blueprint review
  • expediting the permit process