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Keeping within your budget is very important.  Whenever possible, we will let you know where you can save money.

caulkSome items are worth paying more for if they have extraordinary quality, reliability, or longevity.  But do you know that items from well-known manufacturers can sometimes be replaced with less expensive ones with no difference in quality?  We often recommend materials that cost less but are as good as the ones that cost more due to high advertising costs.

With contractors, you usually get what you pay for.  "Quick & cheap" costs less in the short term but more in the long term.  When it comes to certain tasks, though, you are wise to consider investing in quality that will last longer and look better.  Exterior or interior painting require thorough prepping if you care  about the finished look and how long it will last. If you can do some of the prepping yourself, you can save money and still get the job done well.

If you are redoing your kitchen, do some homework on appliances.  You can find Consumer Reports at the library and a variety of reviews online.  You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest if it doesn't fit into your budget.

Sometimes it makes sense to work on a "time and materials" basis when you pay for only the expenses incurred.  This may end up costing less than a negotiated contract that includes a cushion for unexpected difficulties, if no difficulties occur.  We will be glad to work under contract or for time and materials.  Call Dan at 1-708-386-4573 to request a bid or just to talk about your building needs.

Construction Services

  • interior & exterior trim carpentry
  • tile and masonry
  • concrete flat work
  • painting, plastering, drywall
  • electrical, plumbing
  • window restoration
  • gutters & roof repair

Planning Services

  • general contracting
  • creation of working drawings
  • facilitation of blueprint review
  • expediting the permit process