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Attic Finishing

An unfinished attic is a missed opportunity.  You can dramatically increase your building's living and storage potential, creating striking spaces including bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms by remodeling your attic.

Attic Insulation

We appreciate the importance of a well insulated roof.  If you wish to boost your home's energy efficiency, we have many methods to do this including enhancing your attic's thermal properties.


Basement Finishing

Like an unfinished attic, an unfinished basement has great potential.  Not only can the space be used for storage, but perhaps also for a bathroom, den, office, bedroom, laundry room, or recreation room.

Basement Flood Repair

During times of excessive rain, the basements of vulnerable buildings can become flooded.  Kearney Construction provides a variety of flood repair and flood prevention services. 


Like remodeling a kitchen, a remodeled bathroom can enhance your quality of life.  A brighter space, stronger water pressure, organized storage, and a well designed color scheme will improve your morning routine -- and the rest of your day!


Kearney Construction primarily renovates, remodels, and restores houses and condos, but we also will perform all our services for apartment buildings and commercial structures.


An easy and enjoyable way to enhance your home's usable area is to improve or expand your porch, sunporch, patio, or deck.

With an improved porch, deck, or patio you and your family can relax, dine, and entertain outdoors... a welcome change!  Get away from those computer and TV screens, and get out and enjoy your garden and lovely neighborhood ambiance on your beautiful airy patio, deck, or porch.


The exterior of a building provides the first impression.  A building's exterior is also the first defense against the elements.  If there is something wrong with an exterior it can have a negative impact on the rest of the building. 

Kearney Construction has many solutions for revitalizing exteriors and preventing unwanted situations.  We can combat water damage, remove unwanted critters, weatherproof, repaint, and tuckpoint.


Disorder exists and is an inevitable part of this world.  When entropy affects your home, however, Kearney Construction is here to cheerfully provide solutions and prevent further damage.


If you find yourself limited by your current square footage, then a house addition is in order.  Building an addition is a major project not only because of the scale of the new space, but also because one must understand the way that the existing structure functions as an integrated unit.


To many, the kitchen is the most essential room in a home.  Numerous Oak Park and Chicago area houses were built with relatively small kitchens, making efficient design and quality craftsmanship of utmost importance.  Even larger kitchens can be poorly designed. 

Kitchen renovations are one of the most rewarding changes one can make to a home, because their form is so important to their daily use and usability.  And who doesn't like to crreate and eat great food in a charming atmosphere? 


When their contents are removed, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, offices, dens and sunrooms are simply rooms comprised of walls and floors.  Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, they lack complex plumbing, built-in countertops, and large appliances, but these rooms still require attentive craftsmanship.


Construction Services

  • interior & exterior trim carpentry
  • tile and masonry
  • concrete flat work
  • painting, plastering, drywall
  • electrical, plumbing
  • window restoration
  • gutters & roof repair

Planning Services

  • general contracting
  • creation of working drawings
  • facilitation of blueprint review
  • expediting the permit process