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The exterior of a building provides the first impression.  A building's exterior is also the first defense against the elements.  If there is something wrong with an exterior it can have a negative impact on the rest of the building. 

Kearney Construction has many solutions for revitalizing exteriors and preventing unwanted situations.  We can combat water damage, remove unwanted critters, weatherproof, repaint, and tuckpoint.

 Water Damage

Water damage can happen when paint, shingles, lumber, brick, stone, concrete, or windows are compromised in some way.  Once water infiltrates a building's exterior, serious damage can occur to a building's interior as well as its structure.   If it is only affecting your building's exterior, water damage can still have major consequences like structurally damaged stairs.

Critter Removal

Problems unrelated to water damage can also happen to your building's exterior.  Animals, insects, and even plants can breach a building's exterior, wreaking havoc in unexpected ways.  One of our popular services is humane squirrel removal.


We are happy to assist you in weatherproofing your building.  By doing so you not only save money on heating and cooling bills, but you also contribute to the combined global effort to combat climate change.  We apply caulk to window frames, plug unused keyholes and electrical outlets, install storm windows, and suggest other methods of avoiding infiltration.  When the weather is more inviting we can uninstall storm windows and install screens in their place. For more advanced weatherproofing projects we can work to further insulate your home.

Repainting and Tuckpointing

Even if an immediate problem isn't threatening your building's exterior, it can be nice to refinish your building by repainting or tuckpointing it. These procedures can even postpone or prevent future water damage.

Construction Services

  • interior & exterior trim carpentry
  • tile and masonry
  • concrete flat work
  • painting, plastering, drywall
  • electrical, plumbing
  • window restoration
  • gutters & roof repair

Planning Services

  • general contracting
  • creation of working drawings
  • facilitation of blueprint review
  • expediting the permit process