Serving the Oak Park, IL area since 1991
  cell: (708) 829-8910, office: (708) 386-4573
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Disorder exists and is an inevitable part of this world.  When entropy affects your home, however, Kearney Construction is here to cheerfully provide solutions and prevent further damage.

We provide a wide variety of building repairs including:

  • tuckpointing and brick repair
  • concrete repair
  • frozen & burst pipes
  • plaster repair
  • peeling paint
  • leaky faucets
  • fountain and pond maintenance
  • flood repair
  • rain barrels
  • deteriorating stairs & railings
  • squirrel removal
  • gutter cleaning
  • broken windows
  • insulation
  • weatherproofing

Water Damage

Many of the cases listed above are related to water damage.  Water can create havoc in many circumstances.  Freeze and thaw cycles can rip concrete, brick, and pipes apart.  Moisture can permeate wood, plaster, and paint causing swelling and growing mold.  Metals can rust and corrode.

Plumbing Repairs:

We have experience in a variety of plumbing situations, from emergencies like burst pipes to annoyances like leaky faucets.

Other Repairs:

Kearney Construction is open to helping you fix, renovate, and restore your home in many ways.  If in doubt about the situation call us!  Even if we can't help you directly, we will point you in the direction of someone who can.

Construction Services

  • interior & exterior trim carpentry
  • tile and masonry
  • concrete flat work
  • painting, plastering, drywall
  • electrical, plumbing
  • window restoration
  • gutters & roof repair

Planning Services

  • general contracting
  • creation of working drawings
  • facilitation of blueprint review
  • expediting the permit process